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  Information & Business Systems Limited (IBS Ltd.) was established in 1992 by Albanian entrepreneurs.
Being one of the few early birds, IBS started the business activity right after the official acceptance of free market rules in Albania, bringing more than 20 years of successful experience in Information and Communication Technology.

Since the inception, in order to respond to the immediate needs of a very demanding IT market, IBS has entered in a partnership with big international IT manufacturers, representing HP in a wholesales status at the very beginning of its activity and Alcatel (former Alcatel-Lucent), Cisco and Oracle.

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    IBS main official business partners are Hewlett Packard and Alcatel-Lucent .

We possess Certificate Preferred Business Partner and Certified Business Partner respectively...
We also own several other certificates on maintenance and repair of different types of HW in field of IT and Imaging.

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    Our solutions are mainly based on HP and Alcatel-Lucent brands, well known as world wide brand names manufacturer and leaders in IT and telecommunication industry.

We also offer products, solution expertise and installation based on Cisco , Linksys , 3Com , as well as for s/ware and applications referred to Microsoft , WebSense , Titus Labs , McAfee , etc
E-mail: info@ibs.al , Phone: (+355) 4 2333 444, Phone\Fax: (+355) 4 222 3854 Cel: (+355) 692023854
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